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Maol Grooming Aftershave

Handmade With All Natural Ingredients

Marlogue Wood Aftershave

Out of the bottle the Balsam Fir is front and centre. But soon after application, the scent transforms into a pure wood scent that takes you to the middle of a forest then surprises you with a clean vetiver note. Just close your eyes and you will be there.


Wilde Flowers Aftershave

My intention with Wilde Flowers was to create a scent that you would imagine emanating from a garden full of the most beautiful and sensuous flowers and plants. A scent that can be delicate and soothing as well as masculine.


Heliopteris Aftershave

Heliopteris is my take on a Fougere. It is a sweet and herbaceous accord with hints of wood, earth, and spice. A very interesting and unique fragrance.


FrankinLime Aftershave

FrankinLime is a crisp, fresh, unique take on a citrus accord. The lime, grapefruit, orange, and lemon are rounded off nicely by the frankincense and floral notes creating an intoxicating blend that will pair nicely with many scents in the citrus family.