Last Shave of 2018!

For my first Odyssey post I’m going to share a shave that means a lot to me. This past year has been something truly special for Maol and the collaboration with Tallow + Steel was no small part of that. It was an absolute honour to work with T+S as I am a massive fan of their products. The process was a breeze and the results were more than satisfying – labels were stunning, performance was ideal, and the scent achieved the vision we created – I couldn’t have been happier. The set was Echoes of Rain made for the Canadian Wet-Shavers (CWS) group on Facebook. Cheers CWS!

Last shave of 2018!

For the last shave of 2018 I decided to use Echoes with the amazing Declaration Jefferson B6 “Le Tigre” and the outstanding Wolfman WR2 1.25mm WRH2. Both of these fine pieces of hardware perform unbelievably well and leave little to be wanted from a brush or razor. The soap lathered perfectly and produced a wonderful post-shave feel that I’ve come to know and love and as I applied the splash the scent of a newly passed Autumn filled the room. An amazing shave to end an amazing year – quite fitting. See you in 2019 with some surprises!! Cheers


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